Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Welcome to the Chicago Pizza Project!

Welcome to the Chicago Pizza Project, a blog about my ongoing love affair with Chicago's single greatest resource: pizza. With this blog I hope to provide Chicagoans and visitors to our fine city regular-guy reviews, ratings and info on the countless pizza joints in Chicago, and, more importantly, to give me an excuse to eat pizza on an obscenely frequent basis!

On an entirely random schedule, I'll be visiting pizza joints across the city and sharing my thoughts about them with the world on this blog. The frequency of reviews will be surprising because as I am single and cannot cook (I have never even used my oven, even for pizza!), and because I've already been to at least 75 different pizza joints across Chicago. I will be accompanied by a revolving cast of friends and fellow Chicago pizza fiends along the way who will offer a variety of opinion. In the future I hope to invite some readers to join me at their favorite local pizza spot so stay tuned!

Please visit often (and tell your friends!) as I've constantly got pizza on the brain and will be posting new and archived reviews and other thoughts on Chicago's pizza world very regularly. Some things I'm working on to check back for soon:
  • the Chicago Pizza Project's rankings of Chicago's best thin, deep dish, stuffed and Neapolitan style pizzas
  • pizza trivia contests for gift certificates to the Chicago Pizza Project's favorite pizza joints
  • the 10 Commandments of Chicago Pizza
  • Commute cravings - Chicago's best pizza joints near the "el" for those trips home when you've got to get your pizza fix
  • pizza joint rankings by neighborhood
  • Chicago pizza al fresco - a ranking of Chicago's best outdoor pizza spots
Thanks for checking the blog out and I hope you visit again soon. If you've got any suggestions for the blog, recommendations on pizza places, etc., please email me or leave a note somewhere in the comments section.

In the meantime, happy pizza-eating Chicago!

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