Saturday, June 27, 2009

Where can you find 200,000 slices of pizza?

No, the answer is not Heaven. It's a place that is much easier to get to, and much hotter. Nope, it's not Hell either. It's somewhere between Heaven and Hell. In fact, some think it may be the exact middle-way point between Heaven and Hell. No more guesses?

The answer is the Taste of Chicago. That's right - in addition to the freakish turkey legs, buttery corn cobs and barrels of beer, one of the most popular food items at the annual Chicago food fest is pizza. Of course this makes sense considering that Chicago is the pizza capital of the world. But for this Chicago pizza freak, over the years, I've often bypassed the pizza options at the Taste after having some disappointing pizza experiences. But in order to offer all the pizza freaks out there some guidance on their options at the Taste, I've listed the vendors selling pizza at the Taste below, and what they're selling (in no particular order).

Bacino's Pizza of Lincoln Park (stuffed spinach, stuffed sausage, thin cheese, thin sausage)
Connie's Pizza (deep dish sausage, deep dish cheese, thin pepperoni)
Home Run Inn Pizza (thin cheese, thin sausage, ultra thin sausage and pepperoni)
Lou Malnati's Pizzeria (deep dish cheese, deep dish sausage)
Reggio's Pizza (deep dish turkey sausage, deep dish cheese, thin sausage, thin pepperoni)

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