Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pizza eating contest in Chicago this weekend!

Bacci Pizzeria is having its annual Bacci Pizza Fest this Saturday, July 11 at its Taylor Street location.

The highlight of the Fest is the Jumbo Slice Eating Contest in which contestants work up a serious sweat scarfing down monster slices of Bacci's pizza.

Think you're up for making a run at the title and the $1,500 first prize? Bacci wants all comers to enter but has some standards. Here's how to prove you're worthy to enter:

Go to any one of the 18 Bacci Pizza locations.

Notify the cashier that you would like to enter the contest.

Purchase 2 slices and get a third free.
Eat all 3 slices within twenty minutes.
Give cashier your info &
Show up the day of the contest

(Must be 18 y.o. or have parent's permission).

Best of luck to all and maybe see you at the Fest!

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