Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Going camping? Make some pizza

I don't camp. I can camp, I have camped, I just generally don't camp. One reason I don't often camp is the idea that the entire purpose of western civilization was to provide bathrooms to all and that by eschewing bathrooms during a camping trip, we're throwing sand in the face of Plato, Sir Issac Newton, Ike Sewell, et al.

Another big-time problem with camping: no pizza. There just are not any good pizza joints in the wilderness. And good luck trying to give directions to your campsite to a pizza deliveryman ("It's in the woods, near a bunch of trees and stuff...")

But it seems that the camping pizza problem is one that others have been working on (namely those that camp). In the video below, the folks from Backpacker Magazine show how you can whip up a quick pizza in the backcountry. While one could surely argue whether what this young lady ends up with from her camp stove and some basic ingredients is really pizza, it's probably as close as you're going to get out in the woods.

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